Kingsway Capital sources foreclosed, distressed, bank-owned and short-sale properties through auctions and a trusted network of realtors. We then transform and sell those homes – and to us, our work is more than just house-flipping.

It’s about improving neighborhoods one home a time.

It’s about keeping local businesses and their staff employed.

It’s about increasing inventory for prospective buyers.

It’s about a proven business model that allows you to be involved in real estate investment as a private lender, having your capital guaranteed and earning a higher-than-average rate of return on your money, improving your financial future.

Grant Russell
Founder, CEO, Chairman of the Board  

Grant Russell is a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record and has overseen property development projects for over 15 years. Grant is the CEO of Kingsway Capital, Inc, which he established in 2012. He is also President of the non-for-profit organisation, Kingsway Ministries, in Perth, Western Australia.

Greg Perry
Vice President 

Greg Perry has 30+ years of executive level management. He holds a BS in Marketing and has an extensive background in sales, marketing and operations in various industries. His expertise is in growing small business. Greg supervises and monitors every aspect of all operational processes for Kingsway Capital.

Kyleigh Palmer
Director of Marketing & Research  

Kyleigh Palmer has over 15 years’ experience in marketing and communications across a variety of sectors such as non-profit, government and private enterprise. She works with our private lending clients, as well as supervising the transformative work being undertaken in our properties.

Fairway of Fife

Fairway Mortgage of Fife are our recommended home loan partners. They’re experts in the field, and can help you get into the home of your dreams. They’re also VA Loan specialists. 

Save up to $800 on the appraisal fee if you’re purchasing a Kingsway Capital house!

Michael Messa
253 324 3463

Aquila Legacy Group

Aquila’s mission is to educate individuals, investors, and business owners on how to maximize their net income, protect their principal, and recoup costs through the most tax-favored strategy available.


Paul & Esther Carag
206 861 2699

ML Jackson Real Estate

Ross Hubbard is an experienced real estate broker and Director of Business Development at ML Jackson. Having worked with him to sell a number of properties, we recommend him for your real estate requirements.


Ross Hubbard
425 654 3529