You work hard for your money,
so why not let your money work hard for you!

Become a private lender with Kingsway Capital and receive
higher-than-average returns. It takes less than you might think to get started, and your capital is GUARANTEED. 


It’s your opportunity to ‘be the bank’.

A private lender is someone who enters into a financial arrangement with someone else, or a company, offering them an amount of money in exchange for a rate of return (annual interest rate) over an agreed period (such as 1-3 years). This relationship is secured through a signed Promissory Note.

Why become a private lender with Kingsway Capital?

What are you earning on your savings or investment accounts? As at August 1st, 2017, the average bank savings account earns approximately 0.05% per year.

Kingsway Capital believes people deserve better, so our private lenders start at 6.50% annual interest rate for 12 months, with higher staring rates available depending on your chosen amount. 

Based in Washington State, we transform foreclosed and distressed properties into marketable neighborhood inventory. Since 2013 we have ensured that our private lenders receive a higher-than-average rate of return on their finances. We are experienced property investors and best of all, we GUARANTEE your initial capital!


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